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Follow your Heart

We didn't have to spend an inordinate amount of time deciding on what to talk about for our first post. The impetus for this site and all the creativity that is coming down the pike was enough. But the driving force behind all this, was ultimately around creativity and following the inspirations of the heart.

From my first eye opening moment in Kindergarten where a reporter asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, followed by a snapshot of me sitting at a typewriter, to an English professor advising me that I needed to "write more", I have constantly felt the inner stirring of getting my voice out there. And about five years ago now, at a personal development seminar, the host at the end of said seminar, casually suggested that I should start my own publishing business, especially since I had vehemently complained about the challenges of traditional publishing houses, specifically the multitude of hoop-jumping when it came to getting your voice heard. What the host didn't know at the time, was that I already had had the name of said publishing business (now the same of this site) already nudging at me, whispering just enough to grab my attention, but perhaps not enough at the time, to put it into fruition. Fast forward to 2022 and in rolls the Year of the Tiger! This time the inner whispers dialled up the volume. I finally listened. Carefully. And with full confidence and lots of wind beneath my sails, I finally took the steps to making this venture visible.

Follow your heart. Let what is in your heart lead you. I decided without reservation that this was going to be a venture from the heart. And I want to support all heart-based creative expression as well.

So welcome to Starchild Creative Press. All writings and publishings will be works from the heart. They are all intuitively driven, and most certainly cosmically guided. And a few may even surprise you with its quantum level content.

If you made it this far, thanks for being here. And I appreciate you for joining us on this journey of creative expression, and as evolve gradually on this new platform.



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