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No time to write your story, or non-fiction book? We believe that everyone has a story to tell, but sometimes it may be difficult to get it out on paper yourself. We can help with that too, and write your book for you behind the scenes. Currently, we take only 2 projects per year, so don't hesitate to jump on board if this is the direction you wish to take. Let's work together to complete your book!


As with our regular assisted self-publishing options, your publishing plan with Starchild Creative Press is always customized based on the needs of you and your book.

**NOTE: Our ghostwriting services (below) are projected to reopen in late fall 2023 as we are pursuing immediate projects in cue that require our full attention. When our space allows us to take on new projects these services will open up. Please stay tuned as we evolve on our offerings.**

Please remember - I’m here to help you.

Note: Professional writers always need to be paid in advance, so please don’t ask me to work for a percentage of the profits of the completed book. When my availability opens, you can get in touch with me about your proposed book length, rough budget, and deadlines.

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