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Lotus Flower
Lotus Flower


Long long ago, we wrote our very first book. We typed it, laid it out in a document, and forwarded it to a local print shop, who printed it, cut and stapled it. Hard copies of which we sold at our local business. Fast forward ten years to our second book. This time the internet was up and running, websites were to be expected and online publishing was something to be coveted. So we wrote our book, laid it all out and then worked hard to fight for a 'seat' in the traditional publishing world. Then came jumping through the proverbial hoops especially around book proposals, and approvals by nameless folks at a distance determining whether our voices were worthy of being distributed out into the general public. That never sat well with us. So for that route, we went the middle route - directed self-publishing. Our voices would remain unfiltered while others would take on the task of editing, designing the graphics, and everything else other than muting one's words on the paper. That book was then distributed out to the world wide web (it's still out there!) and all was well. Fast forward to the present - we are preparing to write several more books, together with some great collaborators on board. These will expand out into podcasts, workshops and other value added services such as individual consultations and coaching. 

Specifically though, all of our genre lies squarely within the New Age / Spiritual realm, and even more specific - writing that is inspirational, channeled or intuitively expressed. Not all conventional publishers accept this, or writings that may seem like they are on the fringe or what is acceptable in the writing world. We decided that it was important to create a platform, and to give these independent voices within the spiritual realm, a voice. 

We intend to open up our services in the future and accept manuscripts for publication, including editing and proofing, layout and design, and distribution on online channels. Stay tuned to that if this is something you desire. 

In the meantime, happy writing - and reading!  ~Olena

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